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Bringing 'Precision' to Life!

Jeeva is a premier healthcare and life sciences informatics company with a vision to democratize precision medicine with solutions in OMICS, translational research and digital health technologies

BioHealth IT and Data Strategy Consulting

We typically perform a current state assessment, define the desired future state, perform gap analysis and build a strategic roadmap.

Community Precision Medicine Solutions

We help accelerate precision medicine cohort studies for biopharma, patient advocacy groups, genomics labs, hospitals and government agencies from start to finish.

Scientific, Bioinformatics & Health IT APP Development

We develop complex scientific applications meeting compliance and quality standards such as HIPAA, 21 CFR part 11 on web, cloud or mobile platforms.

OMICS Data Generation, Processing And Analysis

Our partners include CAP/CLIA accredited genomics labs for data generation, Jeeva’s cloud based genomics platform for OMICS data processing and interpretation.

What Jeeva Offers for Precision Medicine Community

Solutions for Healthcare providers, Biopharma, and Patients

A OMICS Data analysis platform

Stanard best practices and custom data analysis workflows for genomic, transcriptomic, exposomic and other multi-OMIC datasets.

A Data integration platform

Platform to combine OMICS data with clinical, environmental, social determinants, behavioural lifestyle and other datasets.

Enable Virtual Clinical Trials

A mobile platform for patient engagement and data aggregation during clinical trials or other community cohort research studies.

Customer Case Studies

News and Events

DIA Global Conference

June 24-28, Boston, MA

BioIT World

Jeeva had a presence at the BioIT World and connected with industry partners and key opinion leaders.

We are Trusted Globally by Many Clients

Jeeva is a cloud-based Genomics and Bioinformatics solutions provider founded in Jan 2013. Jeeva pioneers in ‘On-Demand Bioinformatics and BioIT solutions’ to life science customers faced with data deluge from high-throughput next-generation sequencing (NGS) laboratory platforms such as Illumina.